Portable storage devices are a popular way to transport files between computers and to backup important information. However, the ubiquity of these devices heightens the security concerns of carrying confidential data. It is important to prevent confidential information from falling into the hands of unauthorized users should a device be lost or stolen. Encryption can be an effective way to protect the privacy of sensitive corporate and personal data. While software encryption programs can help protect data and provide a good first line of defense, they are vulnerable to a number of decryption attacks. Hardware-based encryption offers a stronger defense against the same threat models, and is now available on a new generation of portable data security and authentication devices from Integral Memory.


CRU-DataPort, the leading supplier of removable and portable storage enclosures for computer systems, offers a full line of disk drive security, back-up and transport solutions. Founded in 1986 and based in Vancouver, Washington, CRU-DataPort develops and markets computer data security and storage devices. The company’s DataPort brand of removable hard drive enclosures has become the de facto standard for physical data security and drive removal in government, education and corporate information technology departments.

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