Solidus Wired Canada Multilingual Keyboard

A multilingual keyboard / Clavier multilingue allows the user to type using on the online keyboard for the supported languages. The keyboard ole incorporates all diacritical imprints for languages used in the different nations of the continent in addition to a QWERTY design. These keyboards have a tall, narrow Enter key that’s two rows high that pushes the oblique punctuation line key down a line, sitting where somebody familiar with U.S. English format would expect the left 50% of the Enter key. These keyboards come in many formats such as wired multilingual keyboard, Solidus multilingual keyboard, CSA Z243.200.92 ACNOR CAN, Clavier ACNOR CAN keyboard and many more.

Wired Canada multilingual keyboard / Clavier multilingue Canada filaire
Solidus Canada multilingual keyboard / Clavier Solidus multilingue

With years of experience in designing keyboards, we strive to provide you with all your French Canadian keyboards requirements at one place.

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  • KBS225T5-USB-BL – TBITS-5 CAN/CSA Z243.200.92 keyboard