Encrypted Solid State Drive (SSD) SATA III

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Integral Memory

Key Features:
Encrypted SSD – a solid state encrypted hard drive – FIPS 197 validated
Mandatory, military level security with AES 256-bit hardware encryption – better protection than a software-only solution.
Multi-lingual interface – “SSDLock” GUI in 13 languages
Ideal drop-in replacement for a standard hard drive in a desktop computer or laptop

Security Features:
Master and User Dual Passwords – As an option an Administrator can set-up a user password and a master override password. If the user forgets their password, the Crypto SSD can be unlocked by the Administrator and the user password reset
Full Disk Encryption (FDE) – All data stored on the Crypto SSD is encrypted (including the Operating System)
Secure Entry – Encrypted data cannot be accessed without the correct high-strength 8-16 character alphanumeric password. Before use a high-strength password must be set
Brute-Force Password Attack Protection – Encrypted data is automatically erased after the default 6 failed password attempts (password attempts configurable to a maximum of 20)
BIOS Independent – Crypto SSD security system runs independently of your system BIOS
Anti-Clone – Crypto SSD cannot be cloned once encryption is set
Warranty – 2 Years

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