CRU DataPort
DataPort 10 SAS/SATA 6G (Serial Attached SCSI/ Serial ATA) Rugged, yet affordable. Designed to fit smaller drive bay openings from PC manufacturers like Dell, IBM and HP. Supports SATA 6Gbps. Features patented drive cooling technology and 30,000+ insertion-rated connectors. The DataPort 10 SAS/SATA is high performance removable storage in a compact enclosure designed to fit most desktop and mini-tower 5.25″ bays. Engineered to support both affordable SATA and enterprise level SAS hard drives, the DataPort 10�s rugged all-aluminum construction provides superior protection and cooling. The interconnect is warranted for 30k insertions and tested for 6 Gpbs full duplex operation, which delivers up to 1200MB in certain applications. When connected to a SAS host bus adaptor, the DataPort 10 SAS/SATA carrier supports both SAS and SATA HDDs. This feature allows data migration from SATA systems to SAS Workstations or Servers.



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